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Popular Standard Models

Popular standard models are among the most widely constructed shelters and are typically less expensive.

Standard models are available in many styles and colors. Interchangeable parts allow for easy additions and modifications in the future.

Old Fashioned Style Shelters

Old Fashioned style shelters are very popular in downtown areas, especially on small town squares when cities require new construction to resemble the original look and feel of surrounding buildings and architecture.

Stylish and elegant shelters.

Special Roof Designs

Many locations require all buildings to have matching roof structures. Columbia Equipment inc. will match the required or desired roof to specific materials of your request. Almost any roof design can be achieved.

Click or call to create your own.

Special Color Shelters

Need a prefabricated shelter matched to specific colors? No problem. Columbia Equipment inc. has many special color products to chose from. Available color schemes are only limited by your imagination.

Put a little color in your life with a special color shelter.

Multi Modular Shelters

All of our shelters are designed and built using interchangeable hardware. This allows us to install multi-modulare shelters with ease. You can even chose to start small with a single and upgrade to a multi-modular later with little to no modification to existing shelter.

protect a larger crowd with a bigger shelter.

Train Station Shelters

Columbia Equipment Inc. is a leader and founder of pre-fabricated train station shelters. Rain sleet or snow, the people have to go. Keep them warm and dry as they wait. A nice, well built shelter near your shop will attract more transients to your location to spend money while waiting. Especially on a rainy day.

Smoking Shelters

Most cities and even small towns have banned smoking from inside a commercial building. Smokers are going to smoke and they will look for a place to eat, a place to work, and recreation where smoking is permitted. It may be time to provide your patrons with a top notch smoking shelter from Columbia Equipment Inc.

Advertising Shelters

Worried about the cost of installing a new shelter system? One of the best ways to get a return on your investment is to use it as advertisement space. In a high traffic location, ad space will rapidly pay dividends beyond the cost of the shelter.

Get a return on your investment.

Miscellaneous Shelters

Columbia Equipment Inc. is one of the first pre-fab shelter companies. We are always up for a challenge, so if you want a unique shelter and have an idea, then we would like to talk to you. A custom shelter can be designed and fabricated right here to meet code requirements and esthetic appeal with a splash of unique mixed in.


Provide a map kiosk for your patrons and shoppers. Point them to your location. Receive visitors that are actually looking for you. Placing kiosk ad space is a great way to generate revenue as well. Why not let your kiosk pay for it self while providing a public service at the same time?


Everyone needs to take a break now and then. If they are relaxing in front of your store on your new bench, they will be tempted to enter, when they may have otherwise passed you by. Great thing is that you can opt for an advertizing bench to display your specials or rent the ad space for more revenue.


Model 8004 Smoking Shelter

Model 2002 Shriner Hospital Smoking Shelter

17x14HR Smoking Shelter

Model 7003HRv Erlanger Smoking Shelter

Model 7004 Smoking Shelter

Case Western Hospital

Children's Hospital - Philadelphia

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center Smoking Shelter

Model 8005 Smoking Shelter

Model 15x18sp-Brooklyn VA Medical Center-Smoking Shelter

Vassar Brothers Hospital - Smoking Shelter

Model: 2005 Pall Corp.

Smoking Shelters

If you are a smoker then you know that almost all commercial and public buildings have banned smoking inside. The solution is to provide your clients and co workers with an outdoor shelter to smoke. Even if you do not smoke then you know, sometimes you just need a break outdoors even when it is cold and rainy. Having a nice protective shelter will raise moral and allow your smoking employees to have a smoke without distracting others inside.

Smoking Shelter Styles

There are many styles of smoking shelters to choose from. Plenty of pre-fabricated shelter styles as well as custom design service to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

The Leader of Pre-Fabricated Smoking Shelters

Columbia Equipment Inc. is the leader in pre-fabricated shelter systems in this area. We were one of the first to provide the service and build the products.